A series devoted to illuminating the Why, How, and What that drives the innovative thinking and actions of thought leaders from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Their journeys, their processes, and what keeps them pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Spotlight is here to erase the shadows from the guiding lights of our world.

Spotlight #2 Dr. Quinn DuFurrena

In today’s show, special guest host Dr. Paul Homoly sits down with Dr. Quinn DuFurrena, executive Director of the Association of Dental Support Organizations. Dr. DuFurrena is a dentist and author of Transforming the Cottage Industry – The Rise of Dental Support Organizations.

Spotlight #1 Seth Mattison

In today’s show, Nathan Miller sits down with Seth Mattison, a Generational Dynamics expert. Seth has a well-earned reputation as a trend spotter, workforce strategist and a management renegade, and is a frequent conference speaker on topics of generations.