A show for Audiologists, ENTs and other hearing care professionals who want to reach more patients and maximize their marketing potential. We bring you interviews with experts who specialize in marketing to the hearing care industry. Hosted by Daniel Parscale.

Rob Kennedy on Reach
#27 Tracking Marketing Results

Dan Parscale speaks with Rob Kennedy from Audigy’s Marketing Team about tracking your marketing results! The two discuss traditional vs digital marketing, KPIs, shifting demographics and how you can get started making smarter decisions about how and where to spend your marketing dollars.

Cy Vedder from Audigy
#26 Website Templates

Dan Parscale speaks with Cy Vedder, a member of Audigy’s Digital Marketing Team. The topic for today is Website Templates, why they are necessary and why they can be a big benefit for your business.

#25 Creating Audiology Content

Dan Parscale speaks with Shareefah Hoover, one of Audigy’s copywriters and content producers, about writing content for an audiology specific audience and some of its challenges.

Amelia Dale
#24 The Beauty of Landing Pages

What are landing pages and why are they so important for your paid search campaigns? Amelia Dale from our paid search talks all about the beauty of landing pages.

Cory Jespersen and Arian Durst
#23 Refresh or Rebrand?

Arian Durst and Cory Jespersen from the Audigy Creative Team on brands. When should you consider a total brand overhaul or perhaps a simple refresh?

Garrett Jackson
#22 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions

Garrett and Dan look into the future (the near future) to bring you predictions for how digital marketing will change in the coming year.

Garrett Jackson
#21 Grow Your Practice Using Facebook

Garrett and Dan discuss Facebook and address the elephant in the room — is Facebook really helping me grow my practice?

Patti White on Reach
#20 Better Blogging for Hearing Professionals

Patti White join us to explore blogging and go into detail on best practices that will help you maximize the benefits of having a blog for your hearing care practice.

Gail Williams
#19 Yellow Page Advertising and Your Digital Future

Many audiology and ENT practices still use the Yellow Pages to advertise their business. The question is — should they? Today’s special guest is Gail Williams, a Senior Media Buyer at Audigy.

Daniel Parscale
#18 What Audiologists and ENTS need to know about SEO

Today’s guest is Dan Parscale, host of Reach and full-time Search Engine Optimization expert! Dan talks about the basics of SEO and how you know if you need it for your web site, Audigy’s “white hat” approach to optimization, and some best practices that you can utilize to make your web site “shine” in search results.

Meghan Kelly on Reach podcast
#17 Should You Consider a PPC Campaign For Your Practice?

On today’s show Daniel enlists the help of Kirstin Moran to break down the fundamentals of creating your very own Physician Referral Campaign. It is one of the most requested topics by listeners on Reach!

Kirstin Moran on Reach
#16 Build A Physician Referral Campaign

On today’s show Daniel enlists the help of Kirstin Moran to break down the fundamentals of creating your very own Physician Referral Campaign. It is one of the most requested topics by listeners on Reach!

Eric Brende and Garrett Jackson on Reach
#15 Your Patients Digital Journey

The journey of a patient to your office isn’t always as straight forward as you may imagine! They make several stops along the way, from search engines to social media to online review sites.

Patti White on Reach
#14 Essential Content for Your Audiology Web Site with Patti White

As an audiologist, what types of content bring you the most patients? How much info is too much info for a web site?

Eric Kammer on Reach Podcast
#13 New Ways to Target Your Patients with Eric Kammer

Paid search innovations are now available to you as a member of Audigy Group that help you to pinpoint prospective patients through online marketing.

Jake Dold on Reach podcast
#12 A Consistent Brand, Everywhere with Jake Dold

Why its important to maintain brand consistency everywhere your customers can find you, both online and offline.

Kate Bluhm
#11 Email Campaigns That Work with Kate Bluhm

Learn some valuable tips to get the most from your email marketing campaigns.

Eric Brende
Reach #10 Campaigns That Convert with Eric Brende and Meghan Kelly

Make the most of your web site traffic through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Reach with David Kerr and Matt Marquis
#9 The Visual Language of Graphic Designers with David Kerr and Matt Marquis

Discovers the language and tools of the trade that graphic designers use to tell a brand’s story.

#8 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions with Garrett Jackson

Hear about the future of digital marketing. Topics covered include the latest on Google, Facebook and mobile.

#7 Start Your Own Podcast with William Smith

Should you be considering adding podcasting to your marketing mix? How do you get started and what type of equipment should you get? What type of resources are needed to build a podcast?

Keith Kunis
#6 Social Media Insights with Keith Kunis

Learn the tricks of the trade for managing your daily social media programs (evergreen content) vs campaigns from digital marketing pro Keith Kunis of Swift.

Jess Lund and Ali House
#5 Branding Is More Than Your Logo with Jess Lund and Ali House

What do you do to build, foster and promote a brand? What happens if you need to re-brand?

Kelsey Rutis
#4 Planning for Traditional vs Digital Marketing with Kelsey Rutis

Which brings a bigger bang for the buck? And what about coupons — do people still use those things?

Gail Williams
#3 What is Media Buying with Gail Williams

Learn about the art of media buying and how a good media buyer can help save you both time and money in reaching your customers.

Maggie Bluhm
#2 Wrangle Your Online Local Business Listings with Maggie Bluhm

Claim, set up and master the online local business listing for your company.

Garrett Jackson
#1 So You Need a Web Site with Garrett Jackson and Nathan Miller

A lively discussion about what makes a good web site and how you can create one for your business.

Daniel Parscale
#0 Meet Your Host, Daniel Pascale

In this get to know you episode, William Smith, the Producer for the Attainable Podcast Network, talks to Daniel Parscale, the host of Reach. We talk about what Reach is and who it is for, and get a little into Daniel’s background.