Get to really know the people you run into everyday at Audigy in this fun, quirky and enlightening show hosted by Meghan Kelly.

Jason Luchterhand on Intersections Podcast
#10 Jason Luchterhand

Meghan Kelly sits down with Jason Luchterhand, an Audigy Group veteran who heads up our membership development efforts for Audigy Medical Group. Jason is an all around great guy, as you will hear in this interview!

Michelle Liljedahl on Intersections podcast
#9 Michelle Liljedahl

In today’s show, Meghan talks with Michelle Liljedahl, the Director of Shared Service Marketing at Audigy Group and Stratus Dental. Get to know Michelle, her family back home in Korea, as well as some pro-golf tips!

Kelsey Fleming on Intersections Podcast
#8 Kelsey Fleming

In today’s show, Meghan talks with Kelsey Fleming, a senior product manager working at Audigy Group and Stratus Dental. Hear all about some of the newest projects revolutionizing the hearing care space, as well as Kelsey’s upbringing in Alaska.

Ali House
#7 Ali House

In today’s show, Meghan talks with Ali House, a graphic designer working at Audigy Group. Learn how Ali got started in design, how he and other designers handle critique and why you should keep quiet when getting called to the principal’s office.

Eileen Kuffner
#4 Eileen Kuffner

In today’s show, Meghan gets to know Eileen Kuffner, Program Manager of Audigy Care. Eileen shares stories of her time in New York, working at hospitals and The French Culinary Institute, how to make killer breads and her surprising family ties to the WuTang Clan.

#2 Casey DeGroot

In today’s show, Meghan gets to know Casey DeGroot, our VP of Innovation and Technology. Casey talks about where he grew up (in a place not unlike the Sopranos), working at an Italian deli and his current role as the chief technologist for our enterprise.

#1 Garrett Jackson

In today’s show, Meghan sits down with Garrett Jackson, Manager of Digital Services. Garrett talks about his first job as a berry picker, his days back in school, conflict resolution at Hollywood Video and his new role.

Meet the Host of Intersections, Meghan Kelly

In our inaugural episode of Intersections, William Smith sits down with the show’s host, Meghan Kelly, to talk about what listeners can expect from Intersections.